Gujarat government has given ‘Wine and Dine’ facility, employees and owners will get liquor access permit

permit liquor shop in gandhinagar 2024 Gujarat International Finance Tech City (Gift City) built in Gandhinagar is India’s first smart city. At that time, employees and officials working in Gift City as well as visitors visiting Gift City officially have been exempted from consumption of liquor by the Government of Gujarat.

permit liquor shop in gandhinagar 2024  An important decision has been taken by the Narcotics and Excise Department of the state government by taking liquor permission at Gujarat International Financial Tech City (GIFT City). Under which employees and officials working officially at Gift City as well as visitors visiting Gift City officially have been exempted from consuming liquor.

Alcohol cannot be sold in Gift City

liquor ban lifted in gujarat Hotels, restaurants and clubs located in the Gift City will be able to obtain a wine and dine facility i.e. FL3 license there. Employees officially working in the Gift City and visitors visiting officially may consume liquor in hotels, clubs or restaurants. But cannot sell.

GIFT City is a global financial and technology hub. Which is bustling with economic activities. It has been decided to change the rules of prohibition to provide wine and dine facility in the entire Gift City with the aim of providing a global business ecosystem for global investors, technical experts as well as national international level companies established in the Gift City.

will alcohol be legal in gujarat Pursuant to this concession, liquor access permits will be issued to all employees and owners working throughout Gift City. Through which they will be able to consume liquor in hotels, restaurants and clubs of Gift City offering such wine and dine. alcohol rules in gujarat
Is liquor available in GIFT City?
There is no specific provision to serve alcohol in the area at present,
Is alcohol allowed in Gandhinagar?
Gujarat will now permit sale of liquor within the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City in Gandhinagar district.
Can tourists carry liquor to Gujarat?
Liquor Permit: Foreign Tourists who desires to visit the State of Gujarat and would like to buy, possess, transport, use and consume bottled liquor can obtain the Liquor Permit from an authorized dealer or hotel in Gujarat.
What is the cost of alcohol permit in Gujarat?
A fee amount of Rs. 70 will be charged

permit liquor shop in gandhinagar 2024 

Who will get permission?

gift city liquor permission As stated in the press note, all employees and owners working in Gift City will be issued liquor access permits. Through which liquor can be consumed in hotels, restaurants and clubs in the gift city offering wine and dine. Apart from this, the visitors authorized by the Company shall also be provided with temporary permits to consume liquor in such hotels, restaurants or clubs in the presence of permanent employees of the Company.

In this whole process Narcotics and Excise Department, State of Gujarat will carry out monitoring and control over import, storage and serving of liquor by FL3 licensed hotels/restaurants/clubs located in GIFT City area.

With the aim of providing a global business ecosystem for international and national level companies to set up in Gift City, ‘Wine and Dine’ facilities will be available throughout the Gift City area.will alcohol be legal in gujara  liquor ban lifted in gujarat

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