Liquor Licensing Rules in Gift City- What is an FL-3 license, Procedure for obtaining an FL-3 license

Liquor Permits Commenced in Gift City, Officially Licensed After Government Announcement, Two Units Officially Licensed, Liquor Permits Licensed at 2 Places.

Before you go to drink alcohol in Gift City, know about its rules, otherwise you will have to go around the police station. Liquor permission has been given only to those who have an FL-3 license, now you may have a question about what is FL-3 license and how to get this license, today we will give you complete information.

Liquor Licensing Rules in Gift City- What is an FL-3 license, Procedure for obtaining an FL-3 license

Liquor Licensing Rules in Gift City

FL3 License Requirement:

  • Liquor-serving hotels and clubs must obtain an FL3 license to legally serve alcohol within Gift City.

Account Keeping Obligation:

  • License holders are required to maintain detailed records of the quantity of liquor purchased and sold.

CCTV Surveillance Mandate:

  • The entire area where liquor is served must be under constant CCTV surveillance.

Restricted Consumption Locations:

  • Liquor consumption is strictly limited to designated areas, and it cannot be consumed in places other than where permitted.

Authorized Officials Grant Permissions:

  • Only officials authorized to grant liquor consumption permissions in Gift City can provide such authorizations.

Adherence to Government Rules:

  • Permit holders are obligated to comply with both Central and State Government rules on liquor consumption.

Carrying Permit Documents:

  • Permit holders must carry the necessary documentation proving their authorization to serve or consume alcohol.

Driving Restrictions:

  • It is prohibited to drive after the consumption of alcohol, emphasizing safety measures within Gift City.

Permission for Citizens and Visitors:

  • Citizens and visitors from other states can obtain permission to consume alcohol within Gift City.

Age Restriction:

  • Only individuals aged 21 and above are allowed to consume alcohol under these regulations.

Health and Visitor Permits:

  • Only individuals with a valid health permit or visitor permit are eligible to consume alcohol.

Authorized Visitor Requirement:

  • Only visitors authorized by the relevant officials are permitted to consume alcohol within Gift City.

FL-3 license Details

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What is an FL-3 license? Who can get it?

Authorization for Liquor Service in Gift City: Hotels, Clubs, and Restaurants Eligible

Hotels, clubs, and restaurants, whether currently operational or planning to offer liquor services to authorized visitors in Gift City, can obtain the necessary license. This authorization applies to establishments with catering facilities situated within or planning to establish themselves in Gift City, Gandhinagar.

What is the procedure for obtaining an FL-3 license?

Establishments falling under the Hotel/Club/Restaurant category will qualify for a license upon submission of an application to the Director of Drug Prevention. Alongside the application, necessary documentary evidence must be provided, and the case will be presented before a committee designated by the Government for a final decision.

Can existing health permits, visitor permits, and tourist permit holders consume liquor in Gift City?

Liquor consumption is restricted to official employees within Gift City and authorized visitors.

Who will approve the leaker access permit for employees working in Gift City?

This permit will be issued by an official authorized by Gift City.

Who will approve temporary permits for authorized visitors to Gift City?

Access to Gift City will be granted based on recommendations put forth by the HR Head or Responsible Officer of the respective company. Additionally, visitors must be accompanied by an employee possessing a valid access permit from the relevant company.

What are the conditions that an FL-3 license holder has to comply with?

The license holder is required to uphold records of liquor purchases and sales in a prescribed format while ensuring comprehensive CCTV surveillance covers the entire area.

Can liquor be consumed anywhere other than the Gift City area?

Liquor can be consumed only in authorized areas under an FL-3 license.

What if an FL-3 licensee, Leaker Access Permit, and Temporary Permit holder violate the law?

In the event of a violation of laws, regulations, or instructions by the licensee, Licker Access Permit, or Temporary Permit holder, punitive measures will be taken under the Gujarat Anti-Narcotics Act-1949 and other relevant existing laws.

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