Google fintech center gift city gandhinagar :Google released its own center property in gift city gandhinagar

Google fintech center gift city gandhinagar: Google has taken a significant step by establishing its presence in Gift City, Gujarat. This move represents a realization of a dream and demonstrates the growing prominence of Gujarat on the global stage. Gift City, a visionary project of Prime Minister Modi, is steadily achieving new milestones, and the addition of Google’s center is a testament to its success.

The fintech sector has gained immense popularity, with its expansion directly influencing India’s startup ecosystem and overall economy. Fintech startups and the presence of major corporations like Google and Amazon in fintech hubs contribute substantially to economic growth. Recent reports indicate that Gujarat is set to witness a substantial boost in this sector, as Google prepares to inaugurate its fintech center in Gift City, located near Gandhinagar.

Google fintech center gift city gandhinagar

Gift city financial hub

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is advocating for the development of an international digital payment infrastructure and the creation of a major hub for the finance sector in Gift City. Since its establishment, Gift City has made notable progress in this direction, attracting numerous large and mega-corporations to its precincts. Google has also joined this trajectory, as it is now in the process of establishing its own fintech center in Gift City. It’s worth noting that they have acquired a property on lease for this purpose.

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What is gift city project gandhinagar

Adjacent to Gandhinagar is the Gujarat International Finance Tech-City (Gift City), India’s inaugural smart city dedicated to international digital payment infrastructure and the financial sector. Gift City is spread over 886 acres, comprising of local and foreign companies. Currently, it employs more than 9,000 employees

gift city infrastructure

Gift City infrastructure is unique, with features such as a district cooling system, utility tunnels and an automated waste management system. Within the city, there are seven towers, which house national and international banks, IT companies, insurance companies, international stock exchanges and India’s first International Finance Services Center (IFSC).

gift city facilities

The city offers amenities including hotels, clubhouses, affordable housing and co-location facilities. Notably, Gift City has a unique water treatment plant that allows residents to obtain drinking water directly from the tap. The entire structure is on a boundary lease, meaning the individual towers are not owned separately but managed collectively, which promotes efficient land use. This system is employed to optimize the use of land for various purposes.

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