After the concession of alcohol, the property of Gift City began to be sold! ‘You have to take it, how much will the office cost’?

Gift city after liquor permission increase property price:There has also been a 500 percent increase in property purchase inquiries in Gift City after the liquor exemption. The viewer is asking what are the current property prices in Gift City. Property deals worth more than 500 crore rupees took place within five days of liquor concession in Gift City.

On hearing about liquor permit in Gujarat’s Gift City, property prices shot up overnight. Over 500 Crore Property Deals in Gift City Overnight! If the offices were once said that no one was sniffing, which has been done for so many years but no one moves there, there will be a crowd now. Fairs and gatherings will now be held at that place. This place is Gift City in Gandhinagar. Because alcohol is allowed here.

Gift city after liquor permission increase property price

Liquor is allowed to the employees working here, office or shop owners here and visiting guests whose names will be taken. Due to which the property prices of Gift City have gone up overnight. Property deals worth over 500 crores have come to light in the gift city within hours of the government’s liquor announcement. 300 units of stalled deals were met to satisfy the demand for relaxation of prohibition. As a result of which, now the big heads are asking one thing, how much will the property, office, shop, space cost in Gift City? We have to take.

Gift city after liquor permission increase property price

Right now, from big businessmen to doctors, big government officials and businessmen, there is only one question in the mouth of everyone, what is the price of an office in Gift City, we have to take it! It has come to light that property deals worth more than ₹ 500 crore have fallen in Gift City within hours of the Gujarat government’s concession of liquor in Gift City. 500 percent increase in inquiries for offices in Gift City. Gift City currently has 18 towers in operation, 30 buildings completed and 14 towers in the planning stage. International Financial Services Authority has allotted 2.2 crore sq. Sold the development rights of Ft.

There has been a sudden boom in the operations of some properties, which have been stuck in the retail market for a long time, after the decision taken to provide wine and dine concessions to the permanent employees of the companies operating in the Gujarat International Finance Tech City (Gift City) and Benning Sectors’ offices and its authorized visitors, subject to certain conditions. Sources of the International Financial Services Authority have said that in the last five days, such big deals have not been done simultaneously in GIFT in the past 11 years. 300 units of commercial and rational property worth Rs.500 crore have been transacted after the relaxation of liquor in Gift City and the demand for property has increased by 500 percent.

Gift City Chowki will now be a full-sized police station:

Permits and temporary permits for consumption of liquor will be issued by the Department of Narcotics Control after the conditional relaxation of wine and dine in Gift City. The police station currently functioning as a gift will be converted into a full-sized police station in the near future to monitor the entire city after wine and dine. One police inspector and other staff will be posted in this police station. The police will monitor the law and order situation, including violations of the relaxation of Narcotics Act, and take legal action, said a Home Department official.

Transforming GIFT City PM Modi’s Vision for a Global Hub

There are 18 types of towers in Gift City, with more to come:

GIFT has so far invested more than 400 VNIs in 18 different types of businesses including Global Banking, Hans, IT & Fin Tech, Corporate, Maxo Information, Telecom companies. Development rights of 1.2 crore moral feet area have been sold by the authority so far. Due to this, in addition to 18 towers, the work of 30 tower-billings is starting. Another 14 towers are in the planning stage. Now a new area has been extended for its phase-r. It includes recreational projects including river projects and commercial projects. A development plan has been announced for this.

The last 10 years of efforts to build a modern finance tech city of the world under the auspices of Gandhinagar’s Bhagole International Financial Services Authority have seen the biggest legislative taxation reform and global marketing boom in the last five years. Here, the development rights of the property are sold, sources say, after the plan is announced by the authority, various developers are roped in and auctioned. It is awarded to the highest bidder.

Gujarat government has given ‘Wine and Dine’ facility, employees and owners will get liquor access permit

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