Liquor concession in Gandhinagar Gift City, who can drink and who can sell?

Gandhinagar Gift City who can drink and who can sell:The Narcotics and Excise Department of the state government has released a press note. In which it was said that it has been decided to give exemption from liquor consumption to the employees working in Gandhinagar Gift City and ‘official visitors’.

Liquor access permits will be granted to authorized employees, owners working throughout Gift City. By which they will be able to consume liquor in hotels, restaurants, clubs that provide such ‘wine and dry’.

This decision has been taken with reference to Gujarat International Financial Tech City i.e. Gift City.

The press note states that the Government of Gujarat has decided to change the prohibition rules to provide ‘wine and dine’ facilities in the entire Gift City area with the aim of providing a global business ecosystem for international and national level companies in the Gift City.

Gandhinagar Gift City who can drink and who can sell

Alcohol can be consumed in hotels, restaurants and clubs that offer wine and dine facilities. Apart from this, every company that has ‘authorized visitors’ can also consume liquor on the basis of temporary permit at its facilities.

The only condition would be that the presence of a ‘permanent employee’ of the company would be necessary when the visitor consumes alcohol.

After the concession of alcohol, the property of Gift City began to be sold! ‘You have to take it, how much will the office cost’?

According to the press note, hotels, restaurants or clubs coming to the Gift City area will have to obtain an FL3 license to provide wine and dine facilities there.

But it has also been clarified in this press note that the unit providing wine and dine facility cannot sell liquor.

However, throughout this process, the Narcotics and Excise Department will monitor FL3 licensed units located in the Gift City area. In which he will supervise all matters such as import of liquor, storage and how much liquor is served.

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