F1 Track in Gift City: The Gujarat Government is considering opening an F1 track in Gift City to increase tourism business in Gujarat. Currently, Greater Noida hosts the only F1 circuit in the country.

The Sports Authority of Gujarat has initiated the process by inviting agencies to submit proposals for examining the feasibility and crafting a master plan for the potential Formula-1 racing track in Gift City, with the deadline for applications set for January 29th.

F1 Track in Gift City

F1 Track in Gift City

F1 RaceDetails
LocationGIFT City, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Opening Date2028
Cost5,000 to 10,000 crore INR
SignificanceSecond Indian F1 Circuit after Buddh International Circuit (UP)
Progress StatusSurvey and Feasibility study underway


Request for Proposal: Feasibility Study and Master Plan for F1 Circuit at GIFT City, Gandhinagar

The Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) has issued a Request for Proposal for the appointment of an agency to undertake a Feasibility Study and Preparation of a Master Plan for an F1 circuit at GIFT City, Gandhinagar.

Project Overview:

According to the tender, the government of Gujarat envisions establishing an internationally renowned Centre of Excellence for Motorsports in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The objective is to create a partially permanent and partially demountable race venue for Formula 1 within the Special Economic Zone (‘SEZ’) of GIFT City.

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Key Initiatives:

  • The initiative aims to contribute to India’s and Gujarat’s ambition to host multiple future international sports events, making sports infrastructure more accessible and affordable for everyone.
  • The financial model and economic impact statement associated with the F1 event indicate that the inaugural F1 race is scheduled for 2028. The selected agency will be responsible for building the track for this landmark event.

Master Plan Components:

The master plan will be structured into two distinct precincts:

Precinct 1: FIA Grade 1 Circuit

    • This precinct will feature an FIA Grade 1 circuit designed to meet the stringent requirements of both Formula 1 and FIA standards.

Precinct 2: The Event Overlay

    • Known as The Event Overlay, this precinct will cover all areas surrounding the track, extending from the service road and pit lane outward. This inclusive design incorporates considerations for the pit building and paddock.

This ambitious project signals a significant step towards establishing a world-class motorsports facility and enhancing the global sporting profile of Gujarat and India.


In conclusion, the proposal to introduce an F1 track in Gift City stands as a pivotal initiative by the Gujarat Government to boost tourism and elevate the state’s standing in the global sporting arena. With the Sports Authority of Gujarat actively soliciting proposals for the feasibility study and master plan, the trajectory is set for the creation of an internationally renowned Centre of Excellence for Motorsports. The projected opening in 2028 and the estimated cost of 5,000 to 10,000 crore INR underscore the scale and significance of this venture.

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