Deakin University Postgraduate Courses for gift city fee structure: A new era in Australia–India education collaboration

Deakin University Postgraduate Courses for gift city fee structure: Deakin University will introduce two postgraduate programs at its GIFT City campus: a Professional Master’s in Cybersecurity and a Master’s in Business Analytics. Beginning with the academic session in June 2024, each program will admit up to sixty students.

Deakin University Postgraduate Courses for gift city fee structure

The Deakin India Research Initiative (DIRI), launched in 2009, is a notable program that provides Indian students, academics, and professionals with the opportunity to pursue a PhD in India while collaborating with Deakin University researchers. These co-supervised doctoral programs offer a unique chance for individuals in India to engage in high-quality research, benefit from the expertise of Deakin University, and work towards earning a PhD.

Deakin University Postgraduate Courses for gift city fee structure

fees for Deakin University post graduate

Study disciplineAnnual cost for full time studyRate per credit point
Allied Health$34,496$4,312
Nursing (Clinical and Non-Clinical units)$31,800$3,975
Engineering, Surveying$38,600$4,825

India’s first international branch campus

It’s great to hear that Deakin University has established its first international branch campus in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City), making it the first international university to do so in India. GIFT City is a significant financial and information technology hub in Gujarat, India, and it’s expected to have a substantial impact on the growth sectors in the country. This move will likely provide Indian students with valuable educational opportunities and help meet the demands of emerging industries. Deakin University’s presence in GIFT City can facilitate collaboration and knowledge transfer between India and Australia in various fields.

Deakin University Cost Comparison

UniversityTuition Fee (AUD)Equivalent Tuition Fee for Indians (INR)
Deakin University28,360 to 77,32014.94 to 40.74 lakhs
The University of Queensland10,644 to 48,9765.60 to 25.80 lakhs
The University of Melbourne40,768 to 145,80821.48 to 76.83 lakhs

Centre of Excellence

The establishment of India’s first bilateral Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials and Manufacturing by Deakin University and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2018 is a significant initiative. This center is dedicated to research and development in the field of advanced materials and manufacturing, with a focus on various aspects, including wear-resistant and high-temperature alloys, smart and functional materials like nano-spun fibers, and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Such collaborative centers of excellence play a vital role in fostering research and innovation, facilitating knowledge exchange, and promoting advancements in critical areas of technology and materials science. They often contribute to the growth of industries and economies by developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions, and they provide valuable opportunities for students, researchers, and professionals to work on transformative projects.

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An innovative educational initiative

In early 2024, Deakin University is set to inaugurate its inaugural international teaching campus in India. Situated in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City), a prominent business district in the state of Gujarat, this GIFT City Campus will provide Deakin’s forward-looking postgraduate programs tailored to meet the specific employment demands of the local workforce.

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