Australian Education Minister Jason Clare at GIFT City eakin University will offer two postgraduate courses NAME 

Australian Education Minister Jason Clare at GIFT City: Australian Education Minister Jason Clare is scheduled to deliver significant updates regarding Deakin University’s establishment as the first foreign university to establish an international campus at GIFT City in Gandhinagar on November 7. These announcements are anticipated to encompass the eagerly awaited fee structure for Indian students.

In August, Deakin University in Australia completed the blueprint for its international campus, which encompasses a 25,000 square-foot area designed to serve as a multifunctional hub for education, professional activities, and networking. The university is presently in the process of recruiting administrative and academic personnel and establishing enrollment guidelines for its courses.

Australian Education Minister Jason Clare at GIFT City

Australian Education Minister Jason Clare at GIFT City

An official from the university informed The Indian Express, “We will soon make a formal announcement regarding the progress of the Deakin University campus at GIFT City.” In terms of the fee structure, university authorities had previously indicated that it is expected to be approximately half of the fees charged at the Australian campus.

One of the university representatives informed The Indian Express that there will be an official unveiling of the updates regarding Deakin University’s GIFT City campus. In terms of the fee structure, university officials had previously indicated that it is anticipated to be approximately half of the current tuition fees charged at Deakin’s Australian campus.

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Postgraduate programs at its GIFT City campus

These announcements are expected to occur in the presence of notable leaders from both the federal and state governments of Australia and India, alongside prominent figures from academia and industry.

Deakin University is set to provide two postgraduate programs at its GIFT City campus: a Master’s in Cybersecurity (professional) and a Master’s in Business Analytics. Starting from the academic session of June 2024, each course will admit a total of 60 students. Postgraduate programs at its gift city campus fees, deakin university gift city courses, deakin university gujarat courses, wollongong university gift city, deakin university india courses list, deakin university india admission, deakin university postgraduate courses, wollongong university india, 

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Norms for Foreign Universities to set up Campus in GIFT City

The norms for foreign universities to set up a campus in GIFT City are designed to streamline the process and minimize the challenges faced by foreign institutions wishing to establish a presence in India. These norms include:

  1. Objective: The primary objective is to simplify the establishment of foreign educational institutions and universities in India by addressing issues such as reservation policy implementation, administrative control, fee structures, and the requirement that they operate as not-for-profit entities.
  2. Eligibility: Foreign educational institutions or universities ranked within the top 500 of the QS World Universities list will be permitted to explore opportunities in GIFT City. They can establish the necessary facilities and infrastructure to offer courses in Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science.
  3. Oversight: The IFSCA (International Financial Services Centres Authority) will have the authority to inspect and regulate foreign campuses established within GIFT City to ensure compliance with established norms and standards.
  4. Course Equivalency: Foreign entities must offer programs and courses identical to those provided by their parent institutions in their home countries. The certificates, diplomas, or degrees awarded must be equivalent to those granted by the parent entity.
  5. Profit Repatriation: These norms permit the parent entity to repatriate any profits earned from the foreign campus without undue restrictions, facilitating financial operations and sustainability.

These norms are intended to create a more conducive environment for foreign universities and educational institutions to operate within the GIFT City complex while maintaining educational quality and standards consistent with their parent institutions.

eakin University will offer two postgraduate courses NAME 

  •  Masters in Cybersecurity (professional) 
  • Masters in Business Analytics

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