Gift City expansion: These 4 talukas of Gandhinagar will be included in Gift City, covering an area of ​​122 acres

Gift City, the buzzing development in Gandhinagar, continues to make headlines for its recent nod to liquor and a crucial decision regarding its expansion. Four talukas of Gandhinagar are slated to become part of the burgeoning Gift City, adding 122 acres to its existing 35-acre expanse.

Plans are in motion to increase the city’s total area to 157 acres, with sources revealing that Shahpur, Dabhoda, Lawarpur, and Valad villages are earmarked for incorporation into Gift City. Additionally, exciting developments include the prospect of a mini airport and the construction of four to six five-star hotels within the expanded city.

These 4 talukas of Gandhinagar will be included in Gift City

Key Highlights of Gift City Expansion:

  • Area Inclusion: The addition of Shahpur, Dabhoda, Lawarpur, and Valad villages will contribute 122 acres to Gift City’s 35-acre footprint.
  • Upcoming Developments: Plans to construct a mini airport and introduce four to six five-star hotels within Gift City.
  • City Expansion: Gift City’s overall area is set to increase from 35 to 157 acres shortly.

Notably, this expansion comes on the heels of the recent approval for the distribution and consumption of liquor within Gift City by the Narcotics and Excise Department. However, this decision has sparked confusion regarding the implications of drinking within Gift City, given Gujarat’s dry state status and the ban on entry into the state after alcohol consumption.

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Liquor Regulations in Gift City: Navigating the New Norms

While the consumption of alcohol within Gift City is sanctioned, uncertainties linger about the legality of leaving the city after drinking. Entry into Gujarat post-alcohol consumption is prohibited under the Narshabandi Act 24-1-Kh. A detailed public notification addressing this issue is expected to be released soon, with regulations tailored to align with the Prohibition of Drug Addiction Act 24-1-Kh.

Licensing for Liquor Services in Gift City: FL3 License Authorization

Mirroring Mumbai’s licensing framework, Gift City is granted an FL3 license, allowing for the service of liquor. Currently, the state issues FL1 and FL2 licenses, with FL1 permitting wholesale liquor sales and FL2 enabling retail sales. The rules under the FL3 license are under formulation, granting hotels, clubs, and restaurants in Gift City the authority to serve liquor.

As Gift City continues to evolve, these developments mark a significant chapter in its growth, both in terms of physical expansion and regulatory changes.

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